Cashless Transactions. Increased Safety while Traveling. Maximized Engagement and Sustainable Community.

Bars (Pilot)

Transform bars to adopt a Member-Driven business model that delivers additional revenue streams on top of F&B sales within their location. Enable travelers, customers, and community members to participate in event based (onsite, online) outreach that creates revenue from brand sponsors.

Resorts (Phase I)

Assist resorts and hotel clients to create new profit centers from underutilized or dormant property assets. Expand pre-post stay loyalty rewards programs while strengthening employee retention levels during a period of difficult recruitment for new employees.

Community (Phase I)

Create and grow an Online-Onsite Community Base through the increasing geographic reach via micro-enterprise franchise development. By leveraging partnerships with social media platforms, customers, affiliates, and employees strengthen sustainability targets through the unique revenue-sharing business model.

Hyper-Scale (Phase II)

The Smart Mesh property technology transforms and monetizes the data within the onsite and online locations that in turn supports maturation of AI, IoT, Robotics, and similar platforms for licensing opportunities.

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Travel + Lifestyle

Merger & Acquisition strategy to absorb small, lesser-known restaurant-bar establishments.

Ensure safety and security upgrades for employees and guests.

Property Portfolio

Commercialize community-based membership revenue model.

Maximize combined procurement for supply chain management savings for F&B and other operational costs.

Asset Transformation

Create a viable brand to compete with Entertainment District enterprise players, Soho House, and other indirect competitors in the Exclusive Onsite establishments.
Create and develop a foundation for a viable, highly scalable Metaverse/Omniverse onsite-online convergence able to draw support/ sponsorships from TikTok, WeChat, Tinder,, Facebook Dating, and other stakeholders.

Similar to how 800-FLOWERS transformed existing retail sites across the country into a direct marketing, ecommerce driven enterprise, we aim to support retail client-partners with a similar asset transformation.

GG360 on increasing sales revenue for site partners, security for customers and property, and safety-retention for employees.

With the proper mobilization support, GG360 can complete 5 key pilot sites by Year 1 and establish the needed groundwork to launch in 100 locations by Month 24.

Metro Manila pilots, Philippine and Thailand rollouts.